Anonymous sent:
did you make more graphics like naruto, sailor moon, ponyo, etc...? they're really good, i wish that you could make more :DD

Do you mean my animation —> reality posts? I haven’t made any more than what you see in the tag there ^ but once I’m free I’ll get back to it!

airbenderjenni sent:
pssst (make some more animation to reality edits they are the best shit ever they make me and many others quite happy as they are majestic and beautiful and i just cant get enough) thank you

:’D thank you friend. I SHALL THERES MORE IN THE WORKS FEAR NOT. just not right at this moment since I’m about to go to sleep :p and also because I have exams looming on the horizon :c but once I’m free again!

Sailor Moon: animation → reality

credits for cosplayers:
↳ sailor moon [x]
 moon prism powers [x]
↳ sailor mercury [x]
↳ sailor mars [x]
↳ sailor jupiter [x]
↳ sailor venus [x]
↳ tuxedo mask [x]

please do not remove cosplayer sources

airbenderjenni sent:
do you think you would ever do a Kyoukai no Kanata animation to reality post? thank you

I’m planning on it soon! 

Anonymous sent:
your animation to reality series is one of the best things ive seen in a long time! have you considered doing either a dangan ronpa or neon genesis evangelion one?

Thank you! And I watched the first episode of Dangan but didn’t really click with it/didn’t appeal to me so yeah no set for that :/ and I was considering NGE so maybe! 

Anonymous sent:
For your action to reality series, you should do Nagi No Asukara and Kyokai no Kanata :) Only if you wanna of course <3

I haven’t heard of Nagi No Asukara, but I am planning to do one for KnK when all the episodes have aired muahahah.

Anonymous sent:
In your animation/reality series, would you consider doing one for Princess Nine, The Cat Returns or W.I.T.C.H.?

I’m afraid I haven’t seen any of those so probably not :/ Sorry!

Naruto: animation → reality

credits for cosplayers:
↳ naruto uzumaki [x]
 sakura haruno [x]
↳ sasuke uchiha [x]
↳ kakashi hatake [x]
↳ konoha’s gate [x]
↳ sai [x]
↳ team 7 [x]
↳ obito uchiha [x]

please do not remove cosplayer sources

Sword Art Online: animation → reality

credits for cosplayers:
↳ kirito [x]
 user interface [x]
↳ asuna [x]
↳ kirito & asuna [x]

please do not remove cosplayer sources

Death Note: animation → reality

credits for cosplayers:
↳ light [x]
 potato chips & tv [x]
↳ l [x]
↳ death note [x]

please do not remove cosplayer sources

Ouran High School Host Club: animation → reality

credits for cosplayers:
↳ haruhi [x]
 tamaki [x]
↳ the twins & haruhi [x]
↳ honey [x]
↳ mori & honey [x]
↳ kyouya [x]

please do not remove cosplayer sources

Anonymous sent:
Do you think it's ever okay to use a photo of a cosplay in a graphic without giving credit?

No, it’s always better to be respectful and have a source link for the cosplayer or ask for their permission to use an image. Otherwise it seems like your passing off their hard work as your own.

Which is why I stress having the captions never removed off a person’s graphic (not just cosplayers in my ar* sets but my regular graphics too) because they might link back to something important or provide credit where credit is due. 

So long story short, always credit the source images especially cosplayers because they work hard and also deserve recognition and respect. 

Ponyo: animation → reality

credits for cosplayers:
↳ sea goddess & ponyo [x]
↳ ponyo [x]
 ponyo by the sea [x]
↳ fujimoto & granmamare [x]

please do not remove cosplayer sources

Anonymous sent:
Can you bring back the Legend of Korra picture post you made where it corresponded to actual sites in real life, I cant find it on your blog or anybody elses. thanks

Le Click

the Korra animation to reality post

they’re both tagged ar* so if you ever lose it (again?) just type /tagged/ar* on my blog and you’ll find it. 

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club: animation → reality

credits for cosplayers:
↳ haru [x]
 rin [x]
↳ the swim club & their manager [x]
↳ rei [x]
↳ nagisa [x]
↳ makoto [x]

please do not remove cosplayer sources