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Yeah like 2014.

I’m not sure, it was so depressing to watch that and just no hope anywhere and the endgame is that they just lose everything they worked so hard to preserve??? 

Also I’d like to see more hunters, like i dont understand why, in all the years, they never made like a Hunter’s Association of X (America, Canada, France etc) (Not the men of Letters) and just ban together to defeat the big bad. I understand it’s a show about the Winchesters and stuff but they make it out to seem like they’re totally alone and any hunter they do come across is Fridged. 

So if they do go in the 2014 direction they should bring together all the hunters who are just as competent, if not more, as the Winchester bros (i mean like papa winchester, these hunters have been doing this for YEARS before the boys came of age). 

I’m not sure what direction the writers are headed in but fingers crossed it lives up to a story worthy of fallen angels!!!!

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